Our Philosophy and Mission

It is increasingly important to enhance the electricity resilience and renewable energies globally. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, a variety of strong supporting mechanism for renewables energies have been implemented such as liberalization of electricity retail sales, Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme and Act on Promoting the Utilization of Sea Areas for the Development of Marine Renewable Energy Power Generation Facilities.
Marubeni Group entered into the offshore wind industry earlier than other Japanese players with opportunities in Europe such as investment into two offshore wind projects in UK and acquisition of Seajacks Ltd. which operates self-propelled jack-up vessels so called “SEP (Self Elevating Platform)”
In parallel, Marubeni has obtained essential knowledges, resources and human networks with experiences of domestic floating offshore wind demonstration project such as Fukushima Offshore Wind Farm Demonstration Project and NEDO’s Kitakyusyu floating offshore wind project as a project integrator.

The culmination of these efforts is Japan's first large scale offshore wind project, Akita Noshiro Offshore Wind Project, which began construction in March 2020 after five years of feasibility study and development. Marubeni Offshore Wind Development Corporation (MOWD) was established in April 2020 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, as a unified organization to handle the development of the Marubeni Group's offshore wind project in Japan and overseas. We are committed to expand the offshore wind business globally and contribute to Net-Zero GHG Emissions by 2050 and low-carbon and decarbonization based on the "Long-Term Vision on Climate Change" announced by the Marubeni Group in March 2021.

Our focus is on coordination with local stakeholders and Health & Safety management.

Coordination with Local Stakeholders
During the development and operation in Fukushima, Kitakyusyu, Akita-Noshiro and any other new project, we sometimes face serious concerns raised by local stakeholders including fisheries related to the offshore wind power plant. We, as a responsible company developing offshore wind power projects, always keep in mind to be sincere and honest towards those who have such concerns and to share our vision & enthusiasm for offshore wind business so that we build a good relationship and achieve co-existence with them.

Safety first
Offshore wind project is required to be even stricter controlled from safety point of view than onshore wind because it involves a plenty of offshore works. Based on our experience, we believe that we should not rush to cut necessary costs by neglecting safety, but rather focus on safety management for the sake of the offshore wind industry as a whole and the personnel education. We want to be a company that not only contributes to global environmental protection and energy policy through offshore wind, but also listens to the voices of the local community including fisheries and all those involved in the project and "moves forward together".

Marubeni Offshore Wind Development Corporation
President & CEO

Hisafumi Manabe