HSE Policy

Marubeni Offshore Wind Development Corporation is committed to health and well-being, safe operations, and minimizing environmental impact, thereby increasing its credibility and transparency with stakeholders and local communities and fulfilling its social responsibilities.


We are committed to creating a culture that manages and promotes both the health & safety of all personnel and the environment whilst building a sustainable and greener future. This will be achieved by our commitment to compliance, laws and regulations whilst working with honour and integrity.


  • We will ensure the Health & Safety of everyone is at the heart of everything that we do.
  • We will enhance the quality of work through careful preparation for inspection and repair work in compliance with laws and regulations, and by taking appropriate steps to keep our facilities in good condition.
  • We will carry out our work in a manner that protects and promotes a sustainable environment and future.
  • We will comply all applied laws and regulations and conduct ourselves at all times with the utmost honour and integrity.
  • We will manage risks effectively through preparing plans and systems with periodical review on procedures in order to respond to expected emergency situations and we will protect its employees and stakeholders against potential losses.
  • We will spread the idea of giving top priority to HSE, and if the above five items cannot be ensured, we will take appropriate measures in compliance with laws and regulations and take appropriate measures based on the situation, such as immediately stopping work without fear of reprisal.

Marubeni Offshore Wind Development Corporation
President & CEO
Hisafumi Manabe

HSE Policy

HSE activities

In order to ensure that we can respond quickly and accurately whenever an accident occurs on site, we not only conduct in-house training, but also regularly conduct emergency response training with wind turbine manufacturers, Japan Coast Guard, and local fire department. We strive to strengthen our emergency response capabilities by conducting training repeatedly in various situations, such as when someone is injured inside a wind turbine.

Joint drill with Akita Coast Guard Office and Akita Fire Department Headquarters