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We are in charge of development on offshore wind power projects for Marubeni Group worldwide,
and we are responsible for operation and maintenance of Akita-Noshiro offshore wind farm in Japan

Lighting up the World with the Power of the Wind

We are specialists with diverse backgrounds and robust project development experiences at home and abroad

Our Track Record in Offshore Wind

Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Farm

  • Fukushima
  • Offshore 20km
  • 14MW

Installed 3 floating wind turbines (14MW in total) and 1 floating substation at water depth of approx. 100m, 20km off the coast of Naraha-town in Fukushima prefecture.

Kitakyushu Floating Offshore Wind System

  • Kitakyushu
  • Offshore 15km
  • 3MW

Installed 1 wind turbine (3MW) at approx. 50m water depth, 15km off the coast of Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka prefecture. Marubeni led the project, including fishery stakeholder management

As a project integrator, Marubeni managed the project consortium, and played a lead role in consent & permission, economics analysis, O&M and coordination with fisheries.

Fukushima Offshore Wind Consortium

©Fukushima Offshore Wind Consortium

Our Core Competencies in Offshore Wind Business




Construction Management / Operation & Maintenance


Project Financing


Local Stakeholder Management


Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

  • Europe
  • Seajacks

Technical and negotiating capabilities based on the state of the art knowledges from Europe and human resources with experience in Akita Noshiro Wind Farm and Seajacks International.

Survey, Design and Construction

In cooperation with engineers with extensive experience in European offshore wind and oil & gas industry, we can plan and conduct surveys, designs taking into account economic efficiency, constructability, and permission procedure.

We are familiar with the process and key points to succesfully get Windfarm Cert. from class NK and can prroceeed efficiently based on AOW experiences.

Based on the construction experience of Seajacks, we create an optimal construction plan from the perspective of not only feasibility but economic efficiency accounting for the conditions of the prer-assembly yard.

Negotiation with Contractors

We have know-how on the risk mitigation and contract negotiation in offshore construction, and deep understanding of domestics contractor's behavior through the EPC tender experience on AOW.

Also we have know-how on negotiations accumulated through our many direct purchasing experiences from major turbine manufacturers.

We can lead the negotiation and coordination for the procurement of JUV's utilizing our relationship with Seajacks.

Interface Risk Management

We have experienced in various patterns of contract packages, including full-wrap and multi-contract, and accumulated know-how in interface risk management.

We can achieve cost and risk reduction by optimizing the contract package for each project from both contractual and technical perspectives.

EPC services
fukushima kizuna

©Fukushima Offshore Wind Consortium


Construction Management and O&M

  • Akita
  • Wind Turbine
  • Marine Control System

Accumulated knowledge of construction management and O&M through our experiences in AOW and Fukushima project.

Construction Management

Marubeni owns a subsidiary with more than 50 years of experience in the EPC business, which has established a construction management (CM) team to manage contract execution, process, cost, HSE, etc., and reduce construction risks. This company has undertaken CM scope in AOW project and overcome many challenges especially arising from the immature environment around offshore wind construction.

Operation and Maintenance

We have operational know-how based on the Japanese regulations and infrastructures, based on actual operational experience in the Fukushima floating offshore wind demostration project. We have negotiated and signed a Service and Availability Agreement with MVOW (MHI Vestas Offshore Wind) for the AOW project. We can lead the procurement strategy of CTVs and build Marine Control System, which are key factors of O&M.


Project Financing

  • Japan
  • Europe & CIS
  • LTA
  • Offshore Wind

With only financing experience for the offshore wind project in Japan and the credibility of the Marubeni Group which ensures reliable financing.

PFI Award 2020 (Innovation Deal of the Year Asia-Pacific)
IJ Global Award 2020 (APAC Rnewable Offshore Wind Deal of the Year)

Project Financing

We are familiar with timelines and action plans to structure and secure financing from the experience of Japan's first offshore wind project finance for the AOW project.

We can manage various documents required by lenders for sure and in a timely manner.

We have bargaining power with lenders by means of substantial financing track records for not only power plants but for many other types of projects.

LTA's Due Diligence

We can manage the clarifications from European Lender's Technical Advisors (LTAs), which includes a significantly detailed and variety of questions such as civil, marine, electrical, and other technical ones, as well as permits and approvals, and prepare the report which has no red-flag.

fukushima kizuna

Coordination with Stakeholders

  • Local
  • Fisheries

Proven track record in cooperation with stakeholders, including fisheries which is the most important matter for the development

Dialogue/contribution with the local community

We have a proven track record of developing power plants in Japan with the consensus from local communities with taking advantage of the relationships that Marubeni has built through its activities in various regions.

We have been cooperating with the local communities in various ways, and in the case of the AOW project, we have received investment from 7 local companies and have collaborated with more than 20 local sub-contractors.

As a trading-house so called SOGO-SHOSHA, we are able to provide a variety of solutions for local issues by utilizing our functions in business areas such as retail and fishery.

Coexistence with fisheries

We have been engaged in a series of dialogues with fishermen in order to resolve their concerns when conducting surveys and installation of power plant and continue to work to build the local understanding by using data and results from past studies and projects.

In Fukushima, we demonstrated the coexistence of offshore wind power plant and fisheries by conducting catch tests, distributing ocean data, and verifying the function of floaters as a fishing reef to demonstrate beneficial fishing methods for fishermen.